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Who I am.

I am a healer. I am a teacher. I am an energetic coach.

I focus on getting you out of your own way and living the life you truly love!

Personal traumas have paved the road to personal healing.

All the wisdom I have gained along the way is part of my modality.

Through a lifetime of counseling and energetic mentorships, taking multiple Personal Development and Emotional Mastery Courses, studying 500+ hours of yoga in India, Bali, Mexico and the USA, as well as scooping up various fitness certifications through AFAA.....

I wrapped it all up with ancient intuitive wisdom of the cosmos to bring....


This unfolds by allowing your own intricate system to sync up with mine so I can better guide you in uncovering your own inner guidance by peeling off all the layers to bring you home to your true essence.

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